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Let’s start at the beginning.

Songs have been my companion on this journey. Mostly they are born in my soul and at times need effort to be pulled from its depths. They have shone light, dawned understanding, been reminders in the shadows and a shawl of comfort in troubled times.

I am thankful.

The Heaven Direct Music Catalogue is a collection of songs, including my declaration song during Lockdown, new hymns, Christmas Carols and Easter music, inspired from my response as a Christian woman and songwriter, to life in the dark and hard places as well as those of the miraculous and blessings.

Explore the Catalogue through audio clips, video and other resources. Discover music with fresh insights and perspectives of the unchanging witness of our Christian faith.

You may just find the song you’re looking for!

Ruthie Thomas
Heaven Direct Music

“…vibrant melodies and thought provoking words can comfort us in the bad times, help us rejoice all the more in the good times.”

Dr. Gillian Warson, author and musician

“I listened and didn’t feel so alone”

Susie Thorpe - London

“ ‘I believe in miracles’ was hearing my life in song.”

Ray Sullivan - musician